We at Big Trees Community Bible Church Welcome You!

Hi, I’m Pastor Jeff. I'm glad that you've found our website.

It’s a new year, bringing you a variety of new opportunities. Your first opportunity is our current sermon series in which I'll teach through the book of James. The list of upcoming sermon titles can be found in the left margin beneath its thumbnail image,

James is a practical book that calls us to put our faith into action. With vivid word pictures and relevant teaching, James provides wisdom for everyday living. It's a book that challenges and encourages. I hope that you'll join us as we dig into the text and apply it to our lives.

Another opportunity that I invite you to consider, as we begin 2017, offers a fresh start in our devotional lives. Are you up for my challenge? Would you read through the Bible with me this year?

To make your Bible-reading effort easier, I've prepared a daily devotional and reading plan for you. It's available on my blog: Pastor Jeff’s Neighborhood. If you'll follow the suggested daily readings, you'll successfully read the entire Bible this year.

If you'd prefer, it's available as an e-book in Amazon’s Kindle store: Open Up Your Heart” by Jeff Syverson.

Additional opportunities abound: Life Groups, Women’s Bible Study, Men’s Breakfast, Youth Group, Sunday School, American Heritage Girls, and Worship Team, just to mention a few.

This March, there will be a “Vision Sunday” where the elders and I will share our vision and plans for the year ahead, providing you also a peak at our vision beyond 2017; details to follow.

I encourage you to explore our website for more information about how you can get involved here at Big Trees Community Bible Church. 2017 is a new year filled with fresh opportunities and new possibilities as we strive to put our faith into action.

Pastor Jeff