We at Big Trees Community Bible Church Welcome You!

Hi: I’m Pastor Jeff.

I invite you to worship with us this Sunday. We're beginning a new series of messages on the book of Jonah called “The Prodigal Missionary: How God Chooses and Uses Us In Spite of Ourselves.”

Some stories are childhood favorites; Jonah’s story is one of those. Its fantastic elements — like being swallowed by a big fish — grab our attention. To some, these elements also raise questions and doubts. However, Jonah's story is more than a fish tale.

The underlying story confronts and challenges us all. Jonah was a missionary, in spite of himself. Reluctant to follow the call of God, he proved to be more of a prodigal son than a prophet. Yet, despite his reluctance, his rebellion, his bad attitudes, and his prejudice, God somehow used him to accomplish something amazing.

Like Jonah, we too are often reluctant to follow our God-given calling and dreams: We're sometimes too caught up by our prejudices to love our enemies; sometimes, like Jonah, we get disappointed with God and his actions; like Jonah, we sometimes become self-focused and filled with despair. Yet, somehow, God chooses and uses imperfect people such as Jonah, you, and me.

Perhaps God has a dream, a call, or a mission for you to fulfill. Jonah reminds us that God can use each of us to bring good news to others — often in spite of our weakness, our fears, and our failures. Indeed, we're all missionaries, sometimes even in spite of ourselves.

I hope I'll see you Sunday!

Pastor Jeff