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Pressing Ahead When Life Seems Absurd

The Book of Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes is presented as the wisdom of "Koheleth," the Teacher, who causes us, as readers, to wrestle with the absurdity of life. We long for meaning and purpose and are created with eternity in our hearts. Yet the seasons of life often bring challenges that seem absurd. Even when we do our best, life is often unfair; as we seek to please God, we sometimes wonder about his plans and why he seems distant.

In the dark night of the soul, we're tempted to disappointment, even with God. Some move to despair. Some quit. Some throw it all away. Koheleth challenges us to press ahead, to make the best of this life, and to find meaning in pleasing God.

Join us as we wrestle with Ecclesiastes, a book that challenges us to the core while providing a glimpse of hope in the midst of the absurdity of life.

    †  Sunday, January 7:
        "I'm Bored" (Ecclesiastes 1–2)

    †  Sunday, January 14:
        "Pressing Ahead" (Ecclesiastes 3)

    †  Sunday, January 21:
        "A Cord of Three Strands" (Ecclesiastes 4)

    †  Sunday, January 28:
        "Let My Words Be Few" (Ecclesiastes 5:1–7)

    †  Sunday, February 4:
        "Work and Wealth in Balance" (Ecclesiastes 5:8–6:12)

    †  Sunday, February 11:
        "Applying Wisdom to Life" (Ecclesiastes 7–8)

    †  Sunday, February 18:
        "Carpe Diem" (Ecclesiastes 9–11)

    †  Sunday, February 25:
        "Remember Your Creator" (Ecclesiastes 12)

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