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"Before the Church Had Buildings"

Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire for a Fresh Start

Studying the Book of Acts

This has been a most difficult season for all of us, as well as for the church. Life isn't normal; it might not be for some time. There's a sense in the society, and in churches, that things aren't as they should be. We haven’t even been able to meet together in our building. So how will we deal with the challenges?

The early church, as portrayed in the book of Acts, faced similar, even greater challenges, which brought everyone to their knees. Despite the challenges, the church body was vibrant, powerful, and growing.

Could it be that in these difficult days, God is calling today's church back to the Upper Room? Back to the source of its power? Could it be that God is asking the church to cry out for a fresh start?

As the disciples joined together, praying in the Upper Room and waiting for the Holy Spirit to empower them, God moved powerfully. History demonstrates, again and again, that when God’s people return to the Upper Room, they find renewal and revival.

"Please, Lord. Do that again! Strengthen and empower us, your church! Revive and renew us. As we turn again to you, empower us by your Spirit, to be your witnesses. Give us a fresh start! Amen."

“Before the Church Had Buildings”

Studying the Book of Acts

    †  Sunday, September 6:
        “Waiting, Watching, Witnessing” (Acts 1:1–11)

    †  Sunday, September 13:
        “The Upper Room” (Acts 1:12–14)

    †  Sunday, September 20:
        “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire!” (Acts 2:1–13)

    †  Sunday, September 27:
       “The Promise Explained” (Acts 2:14–21)

    †  Sunday, October 4:
       “Proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Messiah” (Acts 2:22–41)

    †  Sunday, October 11:
        “Before They Had Buildings” (Acts 2:42–47)

    †  Sunday, October 18:
        “Powerful Witness” (Acts 3)

    †  Sunday, October 25:
        “We Cannot Keep Quiet” (Acts 4:1–21)

    †  Sunday, November 1:
       “When in Trouble, Pray!” (Acts 4:22–31)

    †  Sunday, November 8:
       “When in Need, Give!” (Acts 4:32–5:10)

    †  Sunday, November 15:
        “What Happens When We Learn to Pray?” (Acts 5:12–16)

    †  Sunday, November 22:
        “Holy Boldness, Reckless Faith” (Acts 5:17–41)

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