Our Current Message Theme

Can We Talk?

Communicating with Each Other
in the Era of Smartphones and Twitter

Good communication is key to our marriages and families. It's also important to our spiritual health and our ability to minister to one another and share the good news. Ironically, in the age of smartphones, intelligent conversation is hard to come by. We text and Tweet, but do we really communicate?

Social media promises connections and communication, but too often they distract, disrupt, and distance us from one another. Maybe it’s time to put down our smartphones long enough to listen to God’s timeless wisdom in the book of Proverbs and learn to really communicate.

Join us each Sunday as we seek to grow in our ability to communicate well with one another.

    †  Sunday, October 22:
        "The Lost Art of Listening" (Proverb 18:13; 29:20)

    †  Sunday, October 29:
        "Engaging Mind Before Engaging Tongue" (Proverb 12:18; 13:13; 15:28; 21:23)

    †  Sunday, November 5:
        "Responding with Wisdom" (Proverb 15:23; 20:3; 25:11)

    †  Sunday, November 12:
        "More Heart, Less Heat" (Proverb 15:1; 17:27)

    †  Sunday, November 19:
        "Words that Wound, Words that Bless" (Proverb 12:25; 15:4; 16:24)

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