Our Current Message Theme

One of the most beloved of all 150 psalms, Psalm 23 describes an intimate relationship with God, which is rooted in confident trust. Whatever the circumstance, whether in green pastures or the darkest valley, God walks with us, guides us, protects us, cares for us, and provides for us. We can rest from our fears and other damaging emotions, once we learn to trust God and find rest for our souls.

Learning to Trust the Good Shepherd (Psalm 23)

    †  Sunday, August 11:
        "The Good Shepherd Provides" (Psalm 23:1–2a)

    †  Sunday, August 18:
        “The Good Shepherd Leads” (Psalm 23:2b–3)

    †  Sunday, August 25:
        “The Good Shepherd Protects” (Psalm 23:4–5)

    †  Sunday, September 1:
        "The Good Shepherd Cares" (Psalm 23:6)

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