We at Big Trees Community Bible Church Welcome You

Hi: I’m Pastor Jeff. On behalf of the people of Big Trees Church, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year!

We hope that you've had a meaningful Christmas season. Now we look forward to a brand new year with new opportunities for growth. We're beginning a new sermon series that covers all of the book of First John. I’ve titled it “Brothers and Sisters in God’s Family: Living, Loving, Growing, and Overcoming.”

As God’s children, we're called to live and love as brothers and sisters in Christ. The life we draw from our relationship with God, through Christ in the Spirit, translates into fellowship with each other.

We are family — and we need to grow together in unity and maturity. Of course, as with any family, things can get messy — things aren’t always easy. We find obstacles that must be overcome. To do that effectively, we must learn to love, forgive, and encourage each other through it all.

Join us every Sunday when we'll dig deeply and apply the love-filled message in John's first epistle — 1 John — to our lives.

We hope that you'll join us this Sunday!

Pastor Jeff